Strategic Advisor to Executives & High-Profile Individuals

In the face of the new challenges presented by recent economic, social and technological advances, we believe clients need strategic advisors with an adaptive combination of commercial and legal acumen. This new paradigm has forced executives and high-profile individuals to adapt the way in which they fundamentally operate and think about general and idiosyncratic risk. It goes without saying that the stakes have never been higher.

Having been fiduciaries, executives and in-house counsel ourselves, the Bohrer PLLC team brings first-hand knowledge of what is needed to drive enterprise growth and optimize operational efficiencies while simultaneously evaluating, mitigating, and managing obvious and, most importantly, latent risk. We leverage our experience in the business world to help clients better understand potential vulnerabilities and provide executable strategies to grow their business efficiently and safely.

Our clients and other stakeholders in our network rely on us to serve as an extension of their team. We roll up our sleeves and take the time and care to understand our clients and the issues at-hand in all their complexity and three-dimensionality. In doing so, we check our egos at the door, listen carefully, and do the work critical to developing a customized approach for each client scenario. We are a 24/7 operationthat is the only way you can earn the trust of the world-class clientele that we have the privilege to represent.

Our curated global network of sophisticated experts, which we have fostered over decades, enables us to strategically assemble and quarterback integrated, multidisciplinary teams as needed. This includes investigative, intelligence, public relations, academic, cultural, diplomatic, industry, forensic accounting and other professionals as dictated by the needs of each specific matter. Similarly, we have an extensive network of subject experts with whom we work closely depending on the industry issue at hand (e.g. aviation, energy, financial services, healthcare, insurance, intellectual property, technology). We believe a critical part of efficacy is the combination of intellectual rigor and humility – if we don’t know something, we are quick to acknowledge it, and even quicker to tap our network to assist us in order to put together the absolute best team available to win.

We represent clients in a wide-range of legal and commercial matters, including:

  • Activist Investing and Shareholder Activism
  • Complex Trading Issues
  • Contractual Disputes
  • Criminal and Civil Litigation
  • Crisis Management
  • Deals and Special Situations
  • Employment Disputes
  • Executive Agreements and Disputes
  • Office of the General Counsel
  • Indemnification Agreements and Insurance Disputes
  • Investor Issues
  • Joint Ventures and Partnership Disputes
  • Partnership Structures and Issues
  • Portfolio Transactions
  • Real Estate
  • Strategic Deals and Negotiations
  • Tactical Deployment of Capital